Friday 19th February, 2021.

Headlines read- “Health Minister Ali Pilli Dismissed from Post by Prime Minister”- leading to all sorts of reactions across social media. It was hard to say which was more triggering; the dismissal of the health minister, the name recommended for his replacement; Transport Minister Ünal Üstel or both.

Minister Ali Pilli is one of the minsters who retained their portfolios from the previous government and cabinet led by former prime minister and now President- Mr. Ersin Tatar. It was hoped that his experience and health qualifications would be enough to steer the country through what has…

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North Cyprus has a communications tax policy which adds a tax to electronic equipment imported into the country. Things like phones, laptops et al. On the surface, this policy seems to make sense and adds additional revenue to the government….until you actually think about it.

This “tax” means that things like phones, laptops et al cost more to buy in North Cyprus than anywhere else. Also, International students are not exempt from the tax (This is yet another way the govt makes money from international students). Generally, most students would travel with their mobile devices from their home countries. …

A lot of things on this thread are finance-related. To be clear, I am not against universities seeking to collect monies owed them by students. My contention is with the way and manner these things are done. Just when you think you cant be surprised anymore, the universities go “hold my beer” and find a way to shock you even more.

1. A student had 100% scholarship. Between the department handling the scholarship and the finance department, one didn’t notify the other before the registration period expired. So the student got charged by the school for late registration fees and…

I got hired by a company in northern Cyprus….for a week.

Lefkosia. Image Credit: Lonely Planet

I had been offered a job earlier in the TRNC but the employer kept shifting the terms of engagement and when I requested to have some time to think about his offer, he threatened me “if you don't do your job, I am going to deal with you and become another person…” all before I even agreed to take the job. From the corporate experience I had gathered from Nigeria, those were two major red flags I could not overlook.

Now, if you follow me on social media, especially…

So @FionaMullenCY of @SapientaCY hosted me (@obasaolorunfemi) to discuss the large econ. contribution of uni’s in northern #Cyprus & to hear tips on what universities globally can do to attract and retain students in the Covid-19 age.

Listen here:

Main photo, top of then President Mustafa Akıncı meeting VOIS Cyprus representatives at the TRNC White House, 31 Aug. 2020. Photo © Facebook / VOIS Cyprus

I am an MBA student in a lesser known part of the world called the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). For those who have never visited, it is one of two states on the island of Cyprus, located in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In the southern part of the island is the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus, where the Greek Cypriot population live. The TRNC is home to mainly Turkish Cypriots, but it has a rapidly growing international community, thanks mainly to foreign students like me.

Higher education is one of the TRNC’s biggest sectors. In 2019, the sector turned…

Sharing my experiences and suggestions on how to fix it.

I am an MBA student in a lesser known part of the world called the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). For those who have never visited, it is one of two states on the island of Cyprus, located in the Eastern Mediterranean. Some days ago, I sat in the office of one of the media houses in the TRNC. We talked about a lot of things but there was one question that was asked: “How are international students enrolled in the universities across the Island?” The person asking me…

Excerpts from my conversation eariler this week on relocation with a friend: “Femi, I want to go to a country where there arent a lot of Nigerians. You know how we go to a place and spoil it with our bad behavior….”

Me: “I see your point, its not a prudent decision and I wish you would consider. …

You dont realize how massive a problem it is until it affects you or someone you know.

There is no faster way to strain/kill a vibe/ attraction than to find out that your bae is currently thousands of dollars/ Euro in debt. In the US, it is “normal”. Everyone and their parents have student debts, credit card debt and so on. So it is normal to ask what their credit history looks like and even with that, it is still a major issue for then in relationship/ marriage. …

I’d like to begin here: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” Gal5: 22,23 (KJV)

It is rather interesting that faithfulness is the 7th fruit mentioned in this list regardless of the translation. But what does faithfulness mean? Faithfulness is from the word Faithful which can be said to mean;

“Staying true to the facts of a person or situation”

“Staying true to an original”

“Faithfulness can also be said to mean reliability.”

So when anyone is said to be faithful, we are…

Obasa Olorunfemi

Strategy @extrafemi & @wakafiresupport Ft. @IslandTalksCY, Ventures Africa & more • @tonyelumelufdn alummi • Author • Nigeria + northern Cyprus

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