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Facebook has gone from being a teen distraction to a business powerhouse

Short Story.

Me: “Hello” *Insert Name*”

Him: “Hi Femi, How are you?”

Me: “I am amazing. I am looking to hire a social media manager. Know anyone?”

Him: “What is your budget?”

Me: *Insert amount*

Him: “If I would be honest with you, I am also looking to hire right now. If I found him/her before you, I would hire him/her and pay double.”

The above is a conversation that actually took place between myself and a friend (one of my seniors in the industry). I had similar conversations with other CEOs and they had the same feedback: because entry barrier is low, the marketplace is saturated with lots of people who claim to know a thing or two about social media, but there are only very few people who really know their onions. I can hear you say; “but I could learn this online”. True. There are tons of content on social media stuff online but;

  1. They lack context. A lot of the things you learn online are based against the foreground of foreign countries. In Nigeria, most of them dont work. We need lessons within a Nigerian context.
  2. Some of them (if not most), are one topic out of many. I want to teach you the whole nine yards.

Why should I teach you though? Excellent question.

  1. I have been a social media freelancer, had a Job as a social media manager, been a social media consultant and now run my own agency. I have gone full circle.
  2. I have worked on over 200 projects over the last 3 years across several sectors ranging from banking, stockbroking, cinemas, events, radio/ youtube shows, human resources, non-profits, movies, schools, FMCGs all the way to mining and solid minerals. So yeah, I have lots of experience.

Here is what one of my students had to say:

Femi is an outstanding instructor who understands social media with confidence. He did a great job in using practical examples to illustrate a point and using easy to understand terminologies to explain the concept of social media.

Olaoluwa Alabi; Digital Strategist; Marketing and Communications.

How would this course help you?

  • Develop and execute social media strategies that deliver results.
  • Get a well-paid job as a social media manager
  • Make extra money as a freelance social media manager
  • Launch and grow a successful social media company.

What do I intend to teach you?

  1. Social Media Audit and reporting.
  2. Strategy formation. (questions to ask, research, channel selection, content, hashtags).
  3. Social media management. (understanding analytics, social media reporting, social media policy, disclaimer policy, social media budget).
  4. Events streaming.
  5. Social Media marketing: (Email Marketing, Influencer/ publicists/ hypers/ growth hacking/ conversions network).
  6. Employee Advocacy. (Employee Advocacy Policy).
  7. Social media Recruitment.

Course fee(s):
Complete module: NGN 50,000.00 ($142.5)

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